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COVID-19 Precautions

These are the measures I am taking to protect both myself and my guests.

I would like to reassure you I am taking all the precautions to protect all customers according to the UK.GOV Regulations and Visit Scotland. Please find all the latest updates at the following links.

Gov.Uk – https://www.gov.uk/oronavirus
VisitScotland – https://www.visitscotland.com/
WHO – https://www.who.int/westernpacific/news/ultimedia/inforgraphics/covid-19

Arrival and Check-In

  • I would be grateful if you would not arrive earlier than my 2:30pm Check-In time unless an earlier time has been agreed prior to your arrival. This is to give me the time I need for the extra cleaning required.
  • I will only be Checking in one set of guests at a time. Please wait in the porch area/outside if I am already with other guests.

During your stay

  • I will not clean or refresh your room daily. If you would like your bin emptied, please leave it outside your room.
  • Please use WhatsApp or similar to let me know of any extra tea, coffee, sugar etc. that you may need.
  • Had sanitizer will be provided at the entrance, in the breakfast room and on the landing for the guests to use. There is anti-bacterial soap in the rooms for your use.
  • The hospitality tray (teas, coffees, sugars etc.) will be changed after each set of guests leave.

Breakfast Service

  • I will be serving a maximum of four guests at each sitting (unless all six guests belong to the same party) in the Dining Room as usual. Breakfast is not available in your room.
  • Full English breakfast will still be served. Each room will be allocated their own table to use throughout your stay.  
  • I will be serving you the juice and fruit options and there will be individual boxes of cereal available.
  • If guests wish to me to wear a face mask to serve their breakfast, I am happy to do so.


  • I will endeavor, where bookings allow, to have a 24-hour gap between bookings for each room.
  • Each guest room will be deep cleaned after every departure. 
  • Frequent touch points will be cleaned on a regular basis during the day – front door, bannisters, room door handles etc.
  • After a breakfast sitting the chairs and floor will be sanitized.
  • After a breakfast sitting the chairs and floor will be sanitized.

Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you enjoy your stay.